Long Range RFID Reader PFH-9210 Made In Taiwan.

Long Range RFID Reader PFH-9210 Made In Taiwan.

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Detail Long Range RFID Reader PFH-9210 Made In Taiwan.

Pegasus PFH-9210 made in Taiwan.

RFID Advanced long range proximity reader
RFID Proximity advanced long range reader, PFH-9210-300 Proximity hand free system with High technologies performance for 3 meters. PFH-9210-60 Proximity reader for 60 cm distance. The Pegasus PFH-9210 system is an advanced and Hi-technology reader for vehicle or personal access application. Especially for vehicle control, the RFID Hand free card can be stick to any where within the car even through windshields and clothes, but not on the metal and get access to the gate or any electrical door, just approach to the effective distance without getting off the car or opening the window.
PFH-9210-60 / PFH-9210-300
Model Nr. PFH-9210-60 / PFH-9210-300
Dimension 270 ( L) x 270 ( W) x 39 ( H) mm
Mounting Surface Mount, waterproof
Reading Range 60 cm 3 meters
Operating Temperature -10¢ X~ 50¢ XC
Humidity 20% ~ 90% RH, non condensing
Power Supply 24 VDC + / - 10%
Frequency of Operation 125 KHz 433 MHz
Interface RS485, RS232C, Wiegand optional
Power Requirements DC 24V, 400 mA
Weight 3 kgs + / - 5%

PFH-9210-60 / PFH-9210-300
Built-in Beeper sound. PFH-9210-300 is reading PFH-320 hand free card in compact size with powerful battery for long life use. Epoxy potted for environmental protection, Weather resistant and water proof

Certificate: CE
tag cocok: PFH620, PFH320, GK4001

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