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Pertamina Oil Lubricants for passenger car - Oli Pelumas

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Pessenger Car Oils
: : Fastron : Semi Synthetic Multigrade Lubricant
FASTRON SAE 20W-50 is an engine lubricating oil. This lubricant is formulated from semi sybthetic high quality HVI base oil with multigrade viscosity so that this lubricant easily circulates at low temperature dan provides optimum protection against engine component wear at high temperature and high speed.
FASTRON SAE 20W-50 is highly recommended for the latest petrol engine equipped with Direct Injection and multivalve system. FASTRON SAE 20W-50 is also recommended for medium speed diesel engine. The most reliability of FASTRON SAE 20W-50 is highly proven with the approval acquisition of API ( donut) and meets the requirements of the performance level of API Service CF, ACEA A2-98/ B2-98, VW 501.01/ 505.00 and MB 226.1
FASTRON DIESEL SAE 15W40 is recommend-ed for modern high speed diesel engine especially for those which are equipped with low emission Direct Injection System.
Fastron Diesel SAE 15W-40 is also recommended for petrol engine. The most reliability of FASTRON DIESEL SAE 15W-40 meets the performance level of API Service CF, ACEA A2 98 and MB 226.1 ADVANTAGES · Having stable viscosity at low and high temperature. · Providing most effective for piston protection from deposit formation. · Providing engine protection from wear. Having good oxidation stability.
The usage of diesel oil in general is for fuel at all of diesel engine type with high rotation ( above 1.000 RPM) , also can be utilized upon at direct burn combustion in kitchenettes, which most wanted for clean combustion. This diesel oil is also referred as Gas Oil, Automotive Diesel Oil or High Speed Diesel.
: : PRIMA XP SAE 20W - 50
PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 is an engine lubricating oil formulated from selected high quality HVI based oil with additives of the latest technology with optimum results in volume, types and composition, such as detergent, dispersant, anti-oxidant, anti-wear as well as Viscosity Index Improver ( Vll) which have the capability in providing maximum protection for the lubricated engine parts.
PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 provides main features such as multigrade viscosity, thermal stability at high and low temperatures and still maintain the required viscosity for lubrication at high temperature and speed. This formula is especially developed to provide protection against deposit formation and resistency against degradation and to give lowest grade of evaporation and therefore saves more in oil consumption. PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 Has been approved and received certification from the American Petroleum Institute ( API) Engine Oil Licencing and Certification System ( EOLCS) .
Performance of PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 is indicated by its compliance with the current highest requirements of API Service Classification SJ.
PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 lubricating oil is recommended for application on latest gasoline engine products. Vehicles with multivalves DOHC or Twin-Cam system are best suited for this lubricating oil, particularly in complying with extreme demands in racing or rally conditions which requiring lubricant of API Service performance level SJ.
PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 is also applicable for gasoline engine with API Service Classification SH requirements and previous products, as well as for moderate duty diesel engine vehicles.
This is a high quality lubricating oil for vehicle engine, containing additives such as detergent, anti-oxidant and anti-wear with the capability of protecting and cleansing the pistons, preventing sludge formation, and minimizing wears on the moving parts especially on valves.
Multigrade type lubricating oils with special additives facilitate easier circulation and starting of the engine at low temperature. At high temperature and speed, the oil provides excellent lubrication and protection on moving engine parts.
MESRAN SUPER complies with the requirement of API Service Classification SG/ CD. Therefore requires no further addifives addition.
MESRAN SUPER 20-W-50 lubricating oil is particulary best-suited for cars and motorcycles manufactured in the 80' s requiring oils of high performance qualifications.
: : MESRAN SAE 10W, 20W, 30, 40, 50
This lubricating oil is particularly recommended for gasoline engine vehicles which require a thorough lubrication. This lubricating oil is heavy duty and high quality type of oil containing detergent dispersant additives, and therefore reduces sludges in engine compartments, also contains additives such as: anti-oxidant, anti-rust, anti-wear and anti-foam formulated from base oils of high viscosity index.
MESRAN complies with API Service Classification SE/ CC requirement. Therefore requires no further additives addition.
MESRAN oils are excellent for lubricating gasoline engine vehicles which require API Service Classification SE/ CC, Ford ESE M2C-153A, GM 6136 M, MIL-L-46152 and CCMC requirement. Therefore requires no further additives addition. It is also suitable for diesel engines which require API Service Classification CC.
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